Career Guidance


Our councillors possess specialist knowledge, professionalism and plenty of experience in the Cypriot job market, guiding students onto the path of success.

 Educational guidance Services:

  • Personal career guidance program for Gymnasium –Lyceum students

  • Specialised career test

  • Successful registration to the Universities of Cyprus and Greece

  • Guidance on how to make the right choice of university field, studies and profession

  • Registration via UCAS to the British Universities

  • Registration to American Universities

  • Guidance on how to write a personal statement

  • Assistance with  University accommodation applications

  • Reliable information on career prospects

The methodology we follow:

1st meeting: the counsellor assesses the future decisions of the applicant and at the same time tries to develop their self-awareness. The counsellor scans the candidate’s skills and potentials as well as his weaknesses; a margin of working value is set, related to the person’s characteristics. A specialised computer-based test is taken by the candidate.

2nd meeting: at this stage the candidate will discover what they want and will explore the means that will help they to make materialise their dream as well as the obstacles to their goals.  Guidance on alternative solution is key. In every case, the role of the councillor is advisory and guidance.

3rd meeting: Strategies are analysed and an action planned is made which allows the individual to successfully reach their goals. Then are informed of the ways they can remain competitive. Additionally the applicant is informed of the current and future working conditions in Cyprus as well as the global market.

If you are interested in a first meeting with our experienced councillors for any queries regarding educational matters and their resolution which will secure your future success, please do not hesitate to contact us. All is asked from you is to spend 60 minutes for your future success!